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Fabric and Finish Samples are available to view on our site for each item. Click onto "VIEW FABRIC SAMPLES" and/or "VIEW FINISH CHOICES". To borrow an actual fabric/finish sample(s), Wicker Outlet LLC has a "SHOP AT HOME PROGRAM" for customers making fabric and finish choices.  Fabrics and finishes are best chosen by seeing a "real" sample(s) in the room.  You can visualize the colors/patterns of a fabric and tone of a finish by having the fabric and/or finish sample(s) forwarded directly to your home. 

A $25.00 refundable charge can be placed on your credit card, along with  a $10.00 (non-refundable) fee  for priority shipping and handling. If you choose to have your fabric/finish sample(s) sent by FedEx Overnight, you can either give us your FedEx Account Number or we will charge your credit card the $25.00 deposit plus $50.00 (non-refundable) fee for FedEx Overnight shipping and handling. In either case, your $25.00 will be refunded when you return the fabric(s) and/or finish(es) whether you place an order or not. 

You are responsible for postage to return fabrics/finishes to Wicker Outlet LLC.  For every month you keep the fabrics/finishes, we will place an additional $25.00 charge on your credit card until the fabrics are returned. If fabric/finish samples are not returned within 3 months, the original $25.00 charge will not be refunded.

Wicker Outlet LLC provides pictures of the fabric/finish samples for your convenience. These samples are representative of the fabrics/finishes.  Not every part of a fabric (i.e. flowers, birds, etc.) may be present on the sample on our site. These sample colors will vary due to the scanning process and differences in color monitors. 

We do make every effort to insure that our samples are accurately represented, but in some cases, variations may be dramatic, particularly on the solid fabrics.  If the fabric/finish  is not what you expected when you receive your merchandise, these items cannot be returned. For these reasons, we strongly recommend our "Shop at Home" program to obtain actual samples of the fabrics/finishes, to assure that you are getting the fabric print/color/texture you expect.

Since we are lending these sample(s) to customers everyday, Wicker Outlet LLC requests that you only keep fabric(s)/finish(es) for a few days. PLEASE put fabrics back in number sequence and return as quickly as possible. In all cases, we can only send up to 10 fabrics.

Please get in touch with us at  1-877-WICKER4U (1-877-942-5374) to review your fabric and finish selection or fill out the form below. We look forward to working with you.   

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Your $25.00 will be refunded upon return of the fabric(s) and/or finish(es).

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